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The world of web design is constantly evolving due to new technology and high competition. It is important to be aware of and a part of these changes in order to stay fresh and current. To keep you in the loop, we have compiled a list of some trends to watch out for this year.

High-Quality Photography
The use of real, high quality photos in web design is becoming a noticeable trend. Stock photography is obvious and reduces trust, and is largely ignored. People crave authenticity, and using images that capture real life is more interesting and relateable to visitors to your site. An image that makes people stop, think and feel, keeps them on the page longer and makes them more likely to become customers. Authentic high-quality photography can have a huge impact on conversions, and is good for both design and business.

Until recently, symmetrical design has been a standard of the design world. This year, watch out for layouts that are not perfectly balanced on each side. This can make your site more visually unique and interesting by creating a new sense of dimension. However, beware of making the page too chaotic or difficult to follow for the average person.

While typography, aka font styles, is not the most exciting aspect of web design, it has become much more interesting recently. For a long time, simple neo-grotesque styles dominated the internet, such as Helvetica and Open Sans. In the past couple years, designers have deviated from this pattern and become much more bold when choosing typefaces. New typography trends include the use of geometric, monospaced (typewriter), and serif typefaces. These days, it’s even acceptable to mix and match styles to create a strong and unique contrast.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality (VR) has been all the rage this past year with the introduction of VR headsets. While this has not directly impacted web design yet, it is only a matter of time. In the next few years we are bound to see 360 video and VR incorporated into web design. This could revolutionize how we interact with the web, and the world!

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